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A slow website hurts your bottom line

Research and study proved again and again, that this problem can take down your conversion rate significantly.

A recent study concluded this might even cause a loss of 8-10% for certain industries!

There’s nothing worse in digital marketing than a bad first impression in the customer journey.

Maximise the impact of your marketing efforts

Speeding up your website has several benefits:

  • increases your conversion rate, so you can pay less for each new sale
  • gets your first impression right, thus elevating the status of your brand
  • reduces % of prospects leaving your website before it even loads
  • increases your traffic from search engines, as they favour faster websites

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Slow Wordpress is not easy to fix, and can even be overwhelming sometimes, but we're here to help!


How many visitors are you losing?
These 3 seconds gap is LOST sales!

We know how it feels to have an amazing website that opens too slow

This was a regular problem we faced for years, until we found that rebuilding websites from scratch with a premium page builder plugin can solve it very easy!

Chart details:
1.6 seconds is the average load time of websites rebuilt by us, tested with gtmetrix.com’s UK test server
compared to the 4.7 seconds average load time of all websites participating in the latest study by MachMetrics Speed Blog

Tech we use for speeding up websites

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At Topdigital we know that you want to be successful at sales. In order to do that, you need a professional website. The problem is that it’s slow which makes you feel that some of your marketing money is flushing down the toilet. We believe maximising the impact of your advertising is important. We understand that it’s not easy to speed up a slow Wordpress. That’s why we rebuild them from scratch.

Here is how we do it: 1. Click “Order now” to instantly get an estimate during filling out your details on the order form. 2. We rebuild your website from scratch to reduce it’s load time significantly, meeting the agreed deadline. 3. Enjoy the financial and many other benefits of your amazing looking, and now even fast website!

So start your order now. So you can stop hurting your marketing and sales efforts, and start gaining more sales.


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